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SUB HEADINGIt’s All in a Day’s Work
for Bodhi Media

Whether it’s a living, breathing organism or a respect-
ed, top-flight marketing/media organization, DNA is
what makes something – or someone – unique

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WHAT WE DO Our Services

From Strategy and Design to Marketing and Implementation:

Our Myriad of Services Deliver Business
Growth and Brand Purpose

For the communications experts at Bodhi Media, growing a brand’s purpose is first and foremost. We’re living in a day and age of information-in-a-heartbeat preferences and significantly reduced attention spans, and because of that we understand that a brand must immediately identify with a consumer – with no fluff getting in the way. Keeping this in mind, we create campaigns that not only encourage business growth but put brand purpose in the center ring…all while bringing that purpose “upstream” into the value proposition of the brand and “downstream” into its communications.
What do we mean by that?

Starting with the brand purpose, we evaluate the definition of your company’s mission and values and break that into value proposition and marketing communications strategies via professional, results-driven services.

our values The Value Proposition

Here, the experts at Bodhi focus on two primary elements: Business Design and Brand Experience Innovation.

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Communications Factor The Marketing Communications

Our marketing communications efforts
are bolstered by two primary aspects: Integrated Campaigns and Performance Marketing.
  • Integrated Campaigns – We bring the much-ballyhooed brand purpose to vivid, dynamic life through impactful campaigns across all communications “touchpoints.”

  • Performance Marketing – Fusing brand stewardship with science and execution, we deliver conversion-focused marketing solutions that are second to none.

the Table What We Bring to
the Table

Boasting professional teams specifically built in response to
our clients’ unique demands, Bodhi Media brings multidisci-
plinary creative perspectives to every stage of a project’s
engagement, including Strategy, Design, Marketing and Im-

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Who We Work With

why us? Why Bodhi Media

What should you expect by partnering with Bodhi Media for your next major marketing or communications project? Right out of the gate, we will exude an immediately recognizable desire for partnering with companies focused on creating an impact in our sometimes unstable world. We are strategy and purpose-driven, exhibiting an approach that’s user-centered to help brands develop digital experiences, clarify their objectives and then put them into action, all for the sake of assisting them with meeting and exceeding their thresholds.
Through purpose-driven initiatives, we help clients implement marketing strategies to not only connect people with their organization, but to entertain and educate while keeping a keen focus on collaborative strategic sessions that divulge insights with regard to a business, its customers and the brand. Setting up actionable goals and prioritizing your next steps is what we’re all about here at Bodhi.
As an independent advertising agency focused solely on moving our clients forward in an ever-changing media landscape, Bodhi creates communications and experiences that ignite business growth – all while keeping “brand purpose” at the core of all our efforts. From business design to integrated marketing campaigns (and everything imaginable in between), our projects forge genuine connections with people and drive results through creativity and collaboration.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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